Creatives for Vienna – public Voting: 27 July to 16 August 2020

Vote for our new award-winning creative concept for a perfect and better workspace at home!

directly here – and every day :) + thanks a lot!

From 10 April to 30 June 2020, the Vienna Business Agency was looking for the best concepts and impulses that make what we have learned and experienced now applicable even after the crisis.  There are creative ideas and visions for a life after the Corona crisis to choose from. 

The ideas with the most votes will receive the audience awards: 

Working from home – every day – many weeks and months -was a challange for many people – especially for parents. We started to create an unconvential, very esthetic and functional working space for your home and will develop this now.

  1. Place EUR 3.000,– 
  2. Place EUR 2.000,–
  3. Place EUR 1.000,–

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