… design, create and develop
… beautiful, creative and functional products

… perceive ourselves as aesthetes that act intuitively
… commit ourselves to functionalism
… offer a unique mixture of highly creative craftsmanship with go2market intelligence

Founded in 2004 and ever since based in Vienna – we are an international successful industrial design studio named guggenbichlerdesign… .</p>

The special features of our designs, prototypes and products are clear elegance, timeless simplicity and independent, characteristic design. the appearance and the quality of the used materials are as important as ecological processing and body centered ergonomics.</p>

All these maxims result in technical and formal solutions that meet highest requirements. in our view of work design is a continual process, a permanent work on alteration and improvements. a process that starts with developing consciousness, albeit the end remains open. for us drafts are not results of concrete ideas or particular orders, but consequences of a constant analysis of the topic design.</p>

Our design philosophy follows a poetic pragmatism:
Nothing but the essentials… and the poetry.

Units experience, technical know-how and creativity with a background in business and marketing. This ensures clients satisfaction from concept to project completion.

The strength lies in the practical experience in shaping and manufacturing furniture and interiors for many years, combined with intensive theoretical education and an organic-emotional feeling for material, function and aesthetics.
Our customers consider this approach to be a solid basis for successful products.

Thanks to our best helping brains: Nicolas Theriault, Martin Zanolin, Prinzessin Aglae von Baden, Sophie Kreuzer, Rubén Hurtado Domínguez, Büsra Duran, Roos Gerritsen, Sammy Kramer

Do you like to join our team?

You love to work on research, ergonomics studies, model building in the our workshop,? You know 3D modelling (Rhino), Abobe, MS Office and you like to work independently?

Right now we are looking for an intern. We are looking forward to your electronic application (your expressive portfolio, your CV, letter of motivation stating why you are the right person for us).

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