Emotionless office furniture, needless functions and less options for individualisation … built the base of plenty working spaces. – We decided it was time to make a chance.

So we started to developed an individual working furniture concept for a new and better workflow and less work at least – to see easily what to do next and also to show things we love to see in a brand new and innovative way.

A pioneering new way for visualistation, storage and displaying items come hand in hand with more individuality all around the working space and plenty options for customizing the personal working area.


Uncountable hours of research, thoughts, trials, explorations… sketches, drawings, concepts, models, prototypes, … led to an extraordinary and innovative MYMOTION collection.

Neudoerfler – one of the oldest and powerful players in the Austrian office furniture market decided that their standard office furniture MOTION program needs a refreshment and so we created MYMOTION:

  • A NEW LOOK – without changing to much of the base of the MOTION standard furniture
  • INNOVATIVE FUNCTIONS – with some important but less additions +
MOTION | original + MYMOTION | new — drafts

Eye chatching notice boards, multifunctional rolling file cabinet, very nice tables, innovative display and storage cabinets and an surprising coatrack form the new collection, which was brought to production stage together with Neudeoerfler´s marketing and production department with hard work over months.

The design consultancy took care about the visual identity, the art direction and the new website for Neudoerfler – and we all did extraordinarily good.


convince yourself on the website: MYMOTION by Neudoerfler

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