Submitted to the “Creatives for Vienna” ideas competition our concept for a extraordinary, very functional and helpful workflow HOEMOFFICE concept was awarded by an external jury and experts from the Vienna Business Agency. Now its time to bring it to the market…


Full of innovative functions and plenty options for individualisation this new working area concept comes with beautiful colours … to help you finally get organized all your to-dos, tasks and maybe your whole life. A pioneering new way for visualistation, storage and displaying items come hand in hand with more individuality all around the working […]

designing MYMOTION

designing MYMOTION A few years ago we decided to take a closer look at office areas and started to make this Change for special working spaces. So we begun with developing new conecpts for a new and better workflow. Uncountable hours of research, thoughts, trials, explorations… sketches, drawings, concepts, models, prototypes, … led to this […]

Collection URBAN

Outdoor collection URBAN – awarded with the well-known red dot design award in 2016 – designed for the brand ACAMP owned until 2016 by DANDLER. In 2013 we created a concept for an outdoor collection with an innovative triangle profil used in all bearing profiles, which is in charge of the extraordinary, light and beautiful […]


art direction and development of the whole product range by Harald Guggenbichler as well as marketing strategy advisory by Heike Guggenbichler – for the brand “insieme” by Handover/Caritas – produced by handicapped people all over Austria. find some beautiful products:

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